Cat Collar Classification
Cat Collar Classification

Cat Collar Classification

Many owners buy collars for their cats. They are used not only for decoration purposes. Modern pet collars are equipped with various features that can be beneficial for the pet and its owner. The assortment is large enough, so before making a choice, we recommend that you study the features of different models.

Does the cat need a collar?

Many believe that a collar for a cat is as necessary as for a dog. And even more so if the pet often walks on its own along the street.

To understand whether a cat needs a collar, we suggest examining all the advantages of using it:

  • A collar on a self-walking cat is evidence that she has a home and an owner.
  • You can attach a medallion with a phone number to the collar. If the cat gets lost while walking, strangers can help the pet find its family.
  • With a collar, it is easier and faster to train your pet.
  • The owner can walk the pet cat on a leash, attached to a collar.
  • Many people choose collars for cats with various decorations or rhinestones, which makes the pet charming and irresistible.
  • The collar is a must-have accessory for cats participating in exhibitions and various competitions. With the help of this accessory, the owner can emphasize the individuality of the pet and make it stand out from other tailed participants.

Types of walking collars for cats

To choose the right collar for your cat, you need to study the functionality of different models. Let's consider the most popular types of walking accessories and their useful options.

Collar with medallion-address

In order for a lost cat to always be returned by strangers who are not indifferent to the fate of animals, you need to purchase a collar with a medallion, where the owner's address or phone number will be written.

If the cat already has a collar, the owner can buy a separate engraved medallion and attach it to the accessory already in use.

Collar name

Personal name collar is a cute accessory with the name of the animal on it. Available in different variations. It has only a decorative function.

Decorative collar

The assortment of collars for cats includes many decorative models made of different materials. Accessories with jewelry, rhinestones, beads of various colors and designs are used for photo shoots and exhibitions, when the cat needs to be dressed up and draw attention to her person.

Collar luminous

The luminous collars are covered with reflective paint that allows you to see the cat in the dark.

Such accessories are convenient for owners walking their pet in the late evening hours.

Collar with bell

For visually impaired people, it will be convenient to use a cat collar equipped with a bell. Such models make it possible not to see, but to hear an animal walking on the street. With the help of sound, the owner will always be able to find his beloved pet.

Self-unfastening collar

Self-detaching collars are recommended for cats walking alone. They have a flexible base, which will ensure the stretching of the accessory in case the cat catches on something with the collar during independent walks. Such models eliminate the risk of strangulation of the animal.