Add a Little Flair to Your Dog's Look with a dog bow tie that attaches to collar
Add a Little Flair to Your Dog's Look with a dog bow tie that attaches to collar

Add a Little Flair to Your Dog's Look with a dog bow tie that attaches to collar

What does a dog bow tie that attaches to a collar mean?

A dog bow tie that fastens to the collar is a fashionable item for canines that is worn around the neck, similar to a regular bow tie. It doesn't have a band that wraps around the dog's neck; instead, it fastens to the dog's collar with a tiny elastic loop or hook-and-loop closure. This prevents the dog from feeling pain while the bow tie is firmly placed.

Dog bow ties that fasten to collars are frequently utilized for special events like weddings, parties, or photo sessions. They may give your dog looks flair and individuality, making them appears prettier and spiffier. You can select one that suits your dog's personality and taste because they come in various colours, designs, and materials.

How to Measure Dog for the Right Fit: 

Putting your dog in a silky lemon bowtie collar is a terrific way to make them appear even more handsome. Finding the ideal suit for your dog, though, can be challenging. Here are some pointers to assist you in measuring your dog for the ideal collar size. 

  • The size of your dog's neck should be taken into account while taking measurements for a collar. With a flexible tape measure, start by determining the neck's circumference. This should be done at your dog's neck, where the collar will lay. You can use a rope and a ruler to measure anything without a tape measure.


  • Next, you should gauge how long your dog's neck is. To achieve this, measure the area immediately behind the ears to the base of the neck, where the collar will lay. This measurement is crucial since a too-long collar risked falling off your dog's head, while one too short would be too small. The breadth of the collar you're ordering must also be measured. 
  • Typically, collar widths fall between 1/2 inch and 2 inches. You'll have more room to resize the collar to fit your dog's neck the broader it is. You can select the ideal soft lemon bowtie collar for your dog now that you know how to measure your dog for a collar. Your dog will seem even more dashing and attractive with the appropriate size!

Using a Bow Tie Collar to Add a Little Flare to Your Dog's Appearance:

A fashionable dog bow tie that attaches to collar may liven up your dog's appearance. It's a collar with a detachable bow tie, ideal for dressing up your pet for formal events or everyday use.

  • There are several designs, hues, and materials for bow tie collars. They could be made of leather or cloth or even adorned with jewels or other ornaments. Some bow tie collars also allow for customization, allowing you to match the bow tie's colour and design to your dog's personality and preferences. The bow tie is available in traditional solid colours and patterned styles. Some bow ties have colourful designs like hearts or pumpkins for special occasions like Valentine's Day or Halloween.
  • The simplicity of putting on and taking off a bow tie collar is one of its many benefits. Tie a tiny loop or hook-and-loop fastener to your dog's standard collar. This eliminates the concern that your dog may feel uncomfortable or constrained while wearing it.
  • An eye-catching collar with a bow tie may make your dog stand out from the crowd. A bow tie collar is perfect whether you're dressing them up for a formal occasion or adding more elegance to their regular outfit.

A dog bow tie that attaches to the collar is a cost-effective choice:

A soft lemon bowtie collar is ideal if you're searching for an inexpensive yet fashionable method to make your dog look their best! This item is not only ideal for special events, but it is also reasonably priced and simple to locate.

  • A silky lemon bowtie collar is a wonderful way to give your dog's outfit a hint of class. The collar's simplistic style and straightforward design will likely catch people's attention. The collar's eye-catching contrast with your dog's fur makes them appear even smarter. The collar is a brilliant, lively colour. Your face and the faces of people who see your dog will undoubtedly grin at its gentle lemon tint.
  • It is the perfect accessory for your dog since the silky lemon bowtie collar is lightweight and cosy. The adjustable strap provides a great fit no matter your pup's size, and the lightweight construction guarantees that your dog can wear their new collar without pain. The bowtie collar won't be harmed by wear and tear and is, moreover, simple to keep.
  • The soft lemon bowtie collar's finest feature is that it is reasonably priced. You may locate a collar that meets your and your dog's requirements, whether you purchase it online or in your neighbourhood pet store. The silky lemon bowtie collar is the ideal way to dress up your dog without going over budget, thanks to its low price.
  • Therefore, the soft lemon bowtie collar is ideal if you're seeking a cost-effective approach to make your dog look their best. Your dog will become the talk of the town in no time because of its vivid, bright colour and lightweight design!


The ideal method to give your dog a clean, smart look is with a lemon bowtie collar. It's not just fashionable; it's also cozy and adaptable. The soft material of the collar is kind to your dog's fur and may be adjusted to fit perfectly. As a company, we carefully consider every aspect of our goods. WOW DOGGIE passion and goal is to create high-quality items that meet or exceed your expectations and those we would use ourselves. The dog bow tie that attaches to collar is also reasonably priced, making it a great addition to any dog's wardrobe. Therefore, try the lemon bowtie collar if you're seeking a way to make your dog seem their finest. You won't be let down.