Dog bowtie collar add a touch of class to dog’s outfit
Dog bowtie collar add a touch of class to dog’s outfit

Dog bowtie collar add a touch of class to dog’s outfit

What is meant by a dog bowtie collar?

Among neckties, the bow tie is one. The shoelace knot, sometimes known as the bow knot because it is commonly used to tie bow ties today, is used to make modern bow ties. It is made out of a fabric ribbon knotted symmetrically around the collar of a garment, creating loops at the two opposite ends. A dog bowtie collar is a beautiful way to give your dog's outfit some more flare. They serve as additional protection for your dog's neck and are very useful. You can choose the ideal bowtie collar to suit your dog's personality because they are available in several hues and designs. It's simple to accomplish and may give any dog's attire a bit of flair. 

Merits of Soft Lemon Dog Bowtie Collar, Engraved Option:

  • A personalized lemon dog collar and bow tie custom dog leash combination isavailable for both large and small dogs.
  • The collar is constructed with a shell of 100% cotton fabric and thick webbing for longevity and a snug fit.
  • The dog bowtie collaris detachable and glides on and off effortlessly. It is crafted by hand with a high-quality rose gold metal clasp with a quick-release buckle to make them simple to put on and take off. 
  • It also came with a matching collar and leash. It was attaching a leash with a silver D-ring. Additionally, it might be entertaining to do so to give your dog's outfit some personality. 
  • In addition to being fashionable, bowtie collars for dogs have many advantages for your pet. With this collar, your dog will appear more stylish and elegant. 
  • It can improve your dog's appearance, aid in behavior management, and even increase its comfort level. Bowtie collars can make your dog seem their best to make a good impression on potential partners or brag about themselves in the dog park. 

Here are some tips for choosing the ideal dog bowtie collar:

Like our relatives and friends, pets are there for us whenever we need them. They do care and feel. Therefore, the initial purpose of our dog-dressing fashion accessory was to provide our fellow animals with a highly stylish appearance while also taking care of their comfort.

  • dog bowtie collaris easy to adjust and is made with magic closure tape at the neck and rear. It is very comfortable and adjustable on the dog’s neck.
  • It is constructed using materials pleasant to animals, such as premium cotton pet collars and silky dog collar bow ties. Just more pleasant to wear; it is soft and breathable. 
  • The stitching used to build these bow tie collars is uniform and dense. This bowtie collar makes our pet look more stylish, attractive, and sophisticated.
  • These dog bowties are ideal for weddings, photographic sessions, parties, valentines' days, graduations, and pet grooming. They also look great worn regularly. They fit dogs of all breeds. For our pet, it adds a little vigor. 

Choosing a Size Advice:

  • Before selecting the size variant, please measure the size of your darling dog for a better fit.
  • When measuring your pet's neck, leave a 2-finger space to ensure a comfortable fit.
  • Please be aware that because the dimensions were measured manually, there may be variations of 0.01-0.2 inches.

Advice for adjusting collar length:

  • We can vary the size of a pet collar by adjusting the bonding length of the magic tape.
  • Typically, a bonding length of 3–4 cm (1.2–1.5 inches) is recommended for magic tape for stability.
  • After applying the magic tape, you can increase its stickiness by pressing for three to five seconds.

Choose a dog bowtie collar for protection, comfort, and fashion:

  • At first, you might put safety and comfort as your top priorities while purchasing a dog collar. When selecting an item for your pet to wear frequently, remember the above traits. 
  • All of these aspects are considered while making collars with bow ties. The main functions of a collar are to contain tags with vital identification information and leash attachments. 
  • The hardware is a sturdy metal that can consistently carry out these tasks. With the aid of an elastic loop, the well-made bow ties are simple to put on and take off, allowing you to customize their fit and appearance to your liking. 
  • Your dog will get all the attention they want from admirers if you have one or more bow ties in your collection.
  • Small, medium and large sizes are available for these adjustable dog bow ties. Additionally, the bow ties are sized to match the collar. These dog bow tie collars are sturdy yet lightweight fabric that covers the strong webbing for optimal comfort and style. 
  • The entire item is double stitched to ensure no tears, worn seams, or loose threads. The metal hardware is stitched to strengthened boxes to increase safety using double zigzag stitching lines. 
  • No matter what, we always strive to provide the best bow ties for your pets. You not only receive fashionable and cozy bow ties for your furry family member, but you also get a long-lasting item.


WOW DOGGIE began by offering dog bowtie collar to pet owners so they could outfit their pets for special occasions. Soon we understood that comfort and suitability should also be considered in addition to beauty. Bowties with more pet-friendly materials and a more extensive range of sizing possibilities are thus being introduced. We place high importance on dressing comfortably and grooming conveniently. In addition to "wider choices in size" and "auxiliary tips to change collar adjustability," our pet bowtie collar will soon also offer "adjustability auxiliary accessories." Our skilled design team created these bowtie collars, composed of premium cotton fabrics. All breeds and sizes of dogs look fantastic wearing these. You must go to our website to purchase these gorgeous wedding bow ties for your dog and make the occasion memorable. Gets your today for your dog!