Dog bowties are the fashion accessory your puppy needs
Dog bowties are the fashion accessory your puppy needs

Dog bowties are the fashion accessory your puppy needs

What is meant by doggy bowties?

In addition to making a dog look more fashionable, bowties can assist keep a dog's fur tidy and untangled? In addition to being a terrific method to strengthen your relationship with your pet, bowties may be used to train dogs. They are a fantastic way to give your dog's wardrobe a little bit of style. They also serve a practical purpose by preventing your dog's fur from getting in their face and eyes. Additionally, bowties can be a cute way to highlight your dog's personality and keep your dog's collar from slipping off. Bow ties are also a terrific way to discuss and meet other dog owners. Naturally, they are also just adorable.

The most recent development in pet fashion is doggie bowties:

  • These doggy bowtiesare the ideal accessory if you're searching for something to showcase his unique little (or huge) personality. For your dog's comfort, each bow tie is individually made, wraps around the collar, and fastens with Velcro. We make each bow tie with affection and mailed to your dog.
  • Dog bow ties are the newest trend in pet fashion and can give your pet's clothing a touch of sophistication. They are adorable and fashionable and provide any dog's attire with a touch of elegance. 
  • These bowties are ideal whether you're searching for one to go with your dog's formal attire or want to give them a little something extra to wear every day. 
  • These fashionable bow ties have elastic loops on the back so you can attach them to your dog's collar quickly and safely. These gorgeous bow ties are ideal for dogs who enjoy the finer things in life and take pleasure in their appearance. 
  • A dog bowtie is an ideal accessory for your dog, whether they are a fashionista or needs to be dressed up. They represent the newest pet fashion craze on social media and the web. 
  • Everyone participates in the fad, from famous people to regular pet owners. Bowties are an excellent way to give your pet's attire a dash of flare and individuality.

Why do pet parent customers love doggy bowties?

Doggy bowties have gained a lot of popularity due to their ease of use, versatility, and potential to unleash a dog owner's creative side. They are so alluring for the following two explanations:

  • They make your dog seem fashionable:

For important events like birthdays, family gatherings, and even weddings where the couple honors the role their dog had in the relationship, dog bowties are fantastic. However, these aren't the only times your customer's dog can look dapper in a bowtie. Such a piece of equipment blends with routine activities like a trip to the veterinarian or a neighborhood walk, making your dog stand out from the crowd.

  • They make your clients' dogs stand out in beneficial ways:

One helpful advantage of a dog accessory, such as a dog bowtie, is how noticeable your customer's dog becomes. This is quite important when the owner and dog are in a public place, like a park. If the dog is sporting such a distinguishing accessory, it won't be difficult for others to recognize them if they escape their leash and become lost. A dog bowtie may already be on the shopping list for some dog owners who are aware of its practical uses.

Doggy bowties are perfect for every breed of dog:

  • Bow ties are fashionable, adorably charming, and, most importantly, simple. These handmade bow ties can be created in any color scheme using the most delicate cotton fabric and hand-applied formal accents. 
  • For dog owners, we can also create bow ties that contrast or match so you can go out in a complementary fashion. Our bow ties are available in a variety of bow shapes and sizes. 
  • These lovely bows are ideal for every occasion, including dog tea parties and other formal gatherings. They are a quick and easy way to dress up your pet, no matter the weather. If you want to give your dog a subtle pop of color, they can look beautiful in any breed.
  • These are ideal for dog breeds with thicker coats since they fit snugly around their necks without hiding the bow tie. These bowties are the perfect choice for your dog if they have a strong personality, love being the center of attention, and enjoy being noticed. 
  • They are ideal when you want your pet to shine at a red carpet event or on essential occasions like your dog's birthday. For maximum stylistic impact, these are made with the most sparkle possible.
  • Your dog's appearance and mood may significantly improve with the addition of a bow tie. For special events, doggy bowtiescan help your dog look its best. They can also be utilized as a training aid. In colder climates, it might keep the neck of your dog warm. Additionally, it functions as a place to connect a leash.


doggy bowties are an ideal accessory whether you're dressing your dog up for a special event or want to add a little something more to their regular appearance. They can dress up any dog and are adorable and stylish. WOW DOGGIEcarefully select the 100% pure cotton fabrics we use to ensure it is the lightest possible for your pet. Furthermore, they require very little upkeep. You can pick from a wide variety of patterns and colors for your dog. You can find various solutions for your dog, regardless of the situation, the temperament of your pet, or their coat. We make festive dog bow ties for weddings, Diwali, Christmas, and other occasions, in addition to colorful prints. Remember to keep them on for brief periods, and we advise pet parents to watch their children wear accessories and clothing. Check out our beautiful collections for your dog!