How tight should a dog collar be? How to measure a right collar size?
How tight should a dog collar be? How to measure a right collar size?

How tight should a dog collar be? How to measure a right collar size?

Introduction: Why Are Dog Collars Important?

Dog collars have a meaningful purpose that fulfills the importance of having a collar for your pet. These collars add safety for your pet, especially when they are too young for an outing. It keeps your pet tied to you in a crowded place where the chances of a pet being lost are high. 

When the pet dog or cat is young, newborn or adopted, the pet needs attention and training to go out with you. So, they become familiar with the environment, which helps them track you, and they feel comfortable walking with you a collar.

According to biology, a newly adopted dog, a newborn dog or a young dog needs a collar for 4-5 months to get complete confidence to walk in a crowd. Because they learn to walk with you, follow in your footsteps and body motions without being distracted. So the importance of a dog collar can be noticed everywhere.

How tight should a dog collar be

Choosing the proper fit for a dog collar

Choosing a proper dog collar that fits with their neck is determined by multiple factors; the dog collar fabric, the width of the neck, the joining clip shape, collar size, length and hardness, and the color and appearance.

Just like humans are irritated with some fabrics or materials we wear, pet dogs need comfortable fabrics. 

A soft fabric with stretchable quality and an easy clip should perfectly fit your dog collar. Then you can choose the color, design, and decoration to make your dog looks unique.

Choosing the right size collar for your dog

To choose the suitable collar for your dog or cat, you need to measure your pet's neck using a measuring tape. Turn a measuring tape around your pet's neck and note the neck size in centimeters or inch reading.

Look for a collar that includes your measured size with a capacity to be looser or tightened. Also, check for the length of a collar leash that should be manageable but appropriate for your height vs. your dog's height.

How to determine the tightness of a dog collar

Many new pet owners often think about how tight should be a dog collar because a tight collar can have increased skin irritation, pain in the neck, or other medical conditions that can be unhealthy for your dog. 

The most common method to set the tightness of a dog collar is followed by the "two finger rule" When your pet wears a collar and start tightening it, always slide two fingers vertically between the neck and the collar. This distance should be set minimum for your pet to have healthy breath and no irritation. Therefore, you can check if the collar is too loose or a fitting collar.

What is GPS Dog Collar?

Since technology is getting smarter so the dog collar, often known as the smart collar, these collars have a GPS ID that can be tracked with a mobile application. So you can track where is your pet's current position. You can also track a history of how much she traveled and which places she visited and track a routine outside trip. Thanks to a unique ID tag that comes with each smart GPS collar.

Many pet owners have started purchasing the smart pet collar to enjoy an everyday outside trip with their beloved pets with safety-first.

What happens when the dog collar is too tight?

When you notice the pet's collar is tight, you will feel your pet uncomfortable. The pet will look fussy, and it will take deep breaths; it might try to squeeze its neck inside, and often the tail won't be actively moving. Therefore, the pet might raise its leg towards its neck and collar.

The serious notice: If you notice cough or drowsiness, and feel your pet is sick, take immediate medical help or call an animal doctor.


The dog collar is an important element and a device that adds safety to your pet. There are many advantages of a dog or pet collar; for example, they feel comfortable and responsible, don't get lost in a crowded place and add beauty to their appearance. 

However, the pet collar shouldn't be too tight, and a pet dog owner should follow a "two-finger rule" to set the tightness of a collar.

We hope you love our article that explains everything about a pet collar or, most probably, a dog collar. We also discussed the smart collar and its features. Get in touch to read more exciting articles on pets and pups' life!