How to make a dog collar flower to brighten your dog
How to make a dog collar flower to brighten your dog

How to make a dog collar flower to brighten your dog

What is meant by a dog collar flower?

The essential function of a dog collar flower is to contain your dog’s ID tags so that if he gets lost, whoever finds him may assist him in finding his way back to you. They have different types of coloured collar flowers.

Why are dog collar flower designs important?

  • A self-walking dog collar pattern indicates that he has a house and an owner.
  • A phone number medallion can be attached to the collar. Strangers can assist the dog if it becomes separated from its family while strolling.
  • It is much easier and faster to train your pet using a collar.
  • The owner may take the pet dog for a stroll using a leash linked to a collar.
  • Many people prefer collars for dogs with various embellishments or rhinestones, making the pet adorable and alluring.
  • The collar is essential for dogs competing in exhibitions and other events. The owner can use this item to highlight the pet's uniqueness and make it stand out from further tailed participation.

Dog Collar Flower Suitable for All Events:

Dogs are enthusiastic and vivacious, and it can be challenging to keep them under control, especially if you have a puppy as a pet. As a result, practically every pet needs a collar. The owner must buy one for his pet. A dog collar floral pattern helps owners securely supervise their pets and roam around without the worry of getting lost. They feel alive and joyful when you buy a lovely and comfortable floral dog collar. The ideal gift for your powerful friend. Spend your money on high-quality collars only if they will last a long time, and high-quality collars are easy on pets.

Advantages of a dog collar with a flower:

There are several benefits how to make a dog collar flower. Let me highlight some key advantages:

  • Fashionable look:The dog collar flower is intended to offer charm and flair to your dog. This floral dog collar is made even more appealing by the high-quality cloth.
  • Uniqueness:

Purchasing a collar from this category will make your dog stand out from the crowd. Buying a single pricey collar may make your dog gorgeous and unique.

  • Eye-catching:

Flower dog collars are perfect for practically every occasion, and trendy owners should choose such collars.

How to make a dog collar flower?

There is the following point are how to make a dog collar flower are given below:

  1. Collect the ingredients:

  • Fabric 
  • Kit for Cover Buttons (or any button that you would like to use)
  • Felt
  • Double-sided Velcro
  • Top Thread Felt Double-Sided Velcro (or any thread that is thicker than sew-all thread)
  • Fabric glue
  • Rotary Circle Cutter or Drinking Glass Fabric 
  • Sewing Tools 
  1. Make flower petals and felt circles:

Create by pressing and laying out your primary floral cloth on a rotating wounding carpet. Set your round rotating reaper to the required boundary after that. Every loop would be 4" in diameter (which implies your circular rotary cutter should be set at 2"). Make eight circles out of your primary floral cloth. Then, cut out one felt circle measuring 2" and another felt circle measuring 1.5".

  1. Sew the floral petals together:

Bring your sewing machine all 16 half circles. Folding every partial round in partial once more, right sides facing. Stitch downcast the straightforward control of one of your doubled partial rounds with a 14" seam. Continue feeding the petals through the appliance lacking severing the fiber.

  1. Make the blossom petals by sewing them together:

Snip the fiber among each flower petal that you stitched in stage three. You would now have sixteen petals that are inside-out. Flip each petal right-side-out by means of a cloth opinion-turner. After that, iron each flower petal.

  1. Sew the bottom flower:

The bottom layer of your fabric flower is made up of 9 flower petals from step 4. Finger stitch in a row stitches on the lowest arc of your major petal with embroidery thread. Pull your needle through the cloth and tighten the thread to collect the fabric at the bottom. Continue adding the remaining eight petals while drawing the thread. And repeat the step.

  1. Connect the flower's bottom and top layers.

Stitch the two layers together after placing the highest coating blossom on the highest of the lowest coating. Tie a knot to secure. Did not like how the knots from my fiber were peeking out from the edges of particular of the petals at this point. To disguise the fiber knots, just applied a dab of cloth gum at the vile of several of my petals.

  1. Make the button:

This is my favorite step of sewing fabric flowers since I like crafting buttons! A Dritz button cover kit was used to create a fabric-covered button. To build the button, they followed the kit's instructions. You may simply use whatever button you have on hand instead of creating your own.


The flower shape on the dog collar is just decorative, but it does an excellent job of enhancing your dog's appearance. The flower design on the dog collar was created using high-quality fabric, adding a sense of luxury to the item. WOW DOGGIE offers a selection of dog collars, including one with how to make a dog collar flower pattern that will make your canine companion stand out from the crowd. You may make your dog appear lovely and exquisite by getting simply one high-priced and high-quality collar. We provide numerous adorable types of dog collars with flowers and ensure that our clients receive high-quality items. Purchase and order now. They are very popular among dogs.