How To Choose Male Dog Bow Ties For Your Goggie?
How To Choose Male Dog Bow Ties For Your Goggie?

How To Choose Male Dog Bow Ties For Your Goggie?

What Is The Dog Bow Tie?

The dog bow tie is a fashion accessory that has become very popular among pet owners in recent years. It is a type of collar with a bow tie attached to it. The bow tie is designed to be worn by dogs. They are available in different colors and designs that make them look stylish and elegant. The bow tie can be made of cotton, leather, satin, or velvet and they are usually adjustable so they can fit any neck size.

The main purpose of these bows is to make your dogs look more attractive when they go out for walks or when they visit their friends. These bows also help keep your dog's fur clean as it collects dirt from their faces and bodies when they move around.

The difference between male dog bow ties and female ones:

Although male and female dog bow ties look almost the same, it's important to distinguish them. They usually have different characteristics in style and pattern:

  • Style: Males are more masculine, so their bow ties will be more solid, but also more colorful. Female dogs often choose plain or fancy patterns for their bows.
  • Pattern: The pattern of most dog bow ties is not the same as that of human ones. You can find one with a matching color or unique patterns like dots or stripes on it.
  • Size: Male dogs need larger sizes of bow ties than females. Most of them don't want to wear bows too small because they look funny with them!

What Kind Of Male Dog Bow Ties Do You Like?

Some dogs are quiet and some are lively. Some dogs have long hair and some have short hair. Every dog is unique in the world. That's why people want to buy accessories for dogs that make them look different from other dogs. Different dogs have their bow ties, here are some suggestions for matching bow ties:

Quiet dogs: the simple and classic design will look more elegant and gentlemanly

A quiet dog always gives people a very elegant and gentlemanly feeling. They will look at you quietly with beautiful eyes, and then accompany you silently. They may be less inclined to go out for a run and prefer to be at home in the sun.

Classic polka dots, stripes, and checks are the perfect fit for a well-behaved and quiet dog like this. Take the Leopard Polka Dot tie, for example, these scattered black polka dots are embellished on the light brown collar. Such a simple design looks very elegant and will make your dog look more gentlemanly.


Lively dog: Fun, exaggerated patterns make him look even cuter

Some dogs love to bring a lot of attention by jumping and barking at strangers or other animals. If your dog is like this, choose a bow tie with bright colors or with a pattern that can make him more eye-catching. This will help people notice him when he is running around happily in the park!

For example, some bow ties with cute little dinosaur patterns will make your pooch look more lively!


Long-haired, light-colored dogs: A colorful bow tie will make them look beautiful

If your dog is a Samoyed with long, light-colored hair, some brightly colored bow ties will make them look even better. You should choose a bow tie that matches the color of your dog's fur. You can also choose one with cute paw prints on it if your dog has short hair. It would be great if you could find one with both colors at once because it would look fashionable on your pet dog.

Dogs with dark coats: A light-colored bow tie will make them stand out more

If your dog's coat is dark, such as black or gray, it can be difficult to make it stand out with a dark tie. We recommend using a light-colored bow tie as a divider between its neck and body to add a bit of interest.

Take the hot-dog graphic male dog bow ties, for example, featuring cute little hot dogs in a light blue bow. Wearing such a bow tie on your dog will make them look more cute and interesting.

But in fact, as long as you are willing, dogs actually look good in any bow tie.

Picking The Right Size Will Make Your Doggie More Comfortable:

Choosing the right size will make your puppy more comfortable. Some dogs grow very fast and some dogs grow slowly. For example, if a puppy is growing slowly, getting a bow tie that is too small can cause chafing and irritation on the neck. On the other hand, if a puppy is growing quickly, it might be better to get a larger size than needed so that there is room for growth.

You should also consider how active your puppy is going to be when deciding on the right side of the dog bow tie. If he will be running around a lot and playing with other dogs, then you might want to go with something wider so it stays on his neck. If he will be sitting around all day in one place without moving much at all, then you can probably get away with something smaller as well as thinner material that won't restrict his movement or make him uncomfortable when he does move around. 

Safe And Environmentally Friendly Materials Are More Beneficial To Dogs:

The material used in making the bow tie should be safe for the dog’s skin and environment-friendly. The materials used in making dog bow ties should not contain harmful chemicals, dyes, or other harmful substances that can harm their health. Your goggie will love it if you use safe and eco-friendly materials to make his bow tie because he won’t get any allergic reactions from these products.

You can choose Wow Doggie because their bow ties are all handmade collars. And the materials used are all 100% pure cotton, so you don't have to worry about your dog being allergic. And, if you buy a bow tie at Wow Doggie, you can also get free lettering!