Why Do You Need a Bandana for Dogs?
Why Do You Need a Bandana for Dogs?

Why Do You Need a Bandana for Dogs?

Functional Application of Dog Bandanas


Nowadays, more and more often, dog owners buy additional accessories for their lovers and the purchase of bandanas is quite justified, and here's why:

1. Source of pheromones

Yes, pheromones. Some dog owners spray bandanas with soothing pheromones to help their pets relax while walking.

2. Cooling in summer and psychological safety and comfort in cool weather

To prevent overheating of dogs - just soak a cotton bandana in running cool water and apply to the animal. This will cool the pet a little and help prevent sunstroke.

3. Insect protection

You can apply insect repellant to the bandana and thereby reduce the ingress of toxic substances into the animal's blood.

4. Safe walks in the dark

Some of our bandanas are equipped with reflective bands to ensure your evening walks are as safe as possible.

5. Transmission of important messages

You can propose to your girlfriend or support your favorite soccer / esports team at an important match. Facebook is loaded with pictures of dogs in bandanas announcing the birth of a baby or a wedding.

6. Distinctive feature

Anything can happen. And if the dog does not yet have a GPS tracker, the bandana will become a unique feature that will help with searches if the dog runs away.

7. Color coding

Sometimes the color of an accessory can tell a lot more about your dog than its appearance or breed characteristics. For example, an orange bandana will tell you that the dog is blind and must be approached smoothly and without sudden movements, while a dog with a green bandana is friendly.

Therefore, the next time you look through the catalog with accessories, do not forget to pay attention to such a simple, but very important element of your dog's wardrobe!